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Jamila Woods pays homage to "EARTHA" in new single

As a poet, singer, and songwriter, Jamila Woods is a force to be reckoned with. Her creativity and talent is only matched by her thirst for gaining and spreading knowledge. With a BA in Africana Studies and Theater & Performance Studies, her work sheds a soulful light on feminism, black history, and self-identity. Jamila approaches these topics by dampening razor-sharp lyrics with a voice that's softer than butter.

While being a huge advocate of black feminism, Jamila Woods is also a name that is deeply rooted in Chicago culture. She has collaborated with fellow Chicago artists Chance the Rapper, Saba, and Noname, just to name a few.

"EARTHA" is the third single for LEGACY! LEGACY! that drops on May 10th via Jagjaguwar/Closed Sessions. The single makes use of a simple, slow-paced drum with a funky little chord progression to keep the focus on Jamila and her voice. The song is very self-reflective, with the opening lines, "I used to be afraid of my self / Hung my smile on a shelf / Hid my teeth when I laughed" before shifting her focus inwards. Instead of finding faults in herself, she sees the compromise in her actions and asks for more back. The song ends with the cherry that's she's found self-love and now is just looking for someone worthy to share that love with.

The song proves to be another strong message in Jamila's catalogue and builds suspense before the May 10th release date.

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