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Quelle Chris gives us everything with "Obamacare" [Video]

Every time I hear a new Quelle Chris song I feel guilty for not listening to more of his stuff. And it's not like this guy hasn't been around for a while: he had a career behind the scenes before embarking on a blossoming solo career that kicked off in 2011 with Shotgun & Sleek Rifle. In fact, his most recent collaborative project with Jean Grae received critical acclaim from a number of noteworthy sources. The album had a sort of dark and satirical humour that was unparalleled in music; making it clear Quelle had a lot to say about contemporary America.

His upcoming Guns project, slated for release on March 29th, is setting up to be another dour yet clever product of Quelle exercising his First Amendment. The video for "Obamacare" feels like a cut and paste propaganda video, laced with incredibly bizarre imagery, ranging from kitten faces smoking cigarettes, to a tall glass of water with legs walking across the screen. The quote from the song "I was never weirdo, they just had to acclimate." never felt further from the truth. This video is odd.

If the video is too much for your brain to take in, lucky for you, there's still a fantastic song that drives it. The song feels like his most strong-headed sound to date, with sprinkles of bravado mixed into the batter of lyrical wordplay. The production behind the densely-packed lyrics is just as intriguing. The tempo almost sounds like a trap hybrid of Danny Brown's "Really Doe" with the keys of Gucci Mane's "Lemonade". If the beat were a drink, it would be called a laced lemonade and it would not be safe to give to your grandmother on vacation in Jamaica.

With this newest single, Quelle Chris is 3 for 3 with his singles for Guns, which you can listen to on March 29th.

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