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Lust for Youth express their "Great Concerns"

Scandinavian duo Lust for Youth (comprised of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer) share their new single "Great Concerns," alongside the announcement of a self-titled album out June 7 via Sacred Bones Records. What started out as Norrvide's darkwave solo project has flourished into a well-established synth-pop band. 

"Great Concerns" captures a flirtatious flow and will remind you of a Euro-Drab Majesty/Cold Cave mashup. Whilst their 2016 full-length Compassion was a euphoric album with contemporary notes throughout. Still, longing lyrics and hard-hitting minimalist beats perfectly progress their past musical collections. However, Lust for Youth the new album is anticipated to be "more pointed, more personal, and far more self-aware... A thread of reflections upon the state of the world is artfully wound throughout the album, casting a quiet force upon the detachment of Norrvide's vocals." Lust for Youth's self-titled summer release will be the 5th album since Norrvide started the project in 2009. 

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Alternative · Dark Pop · Electronic · Synth


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