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George Gretton debuts with art-pop single "Tread Water"

Making his introduction this week is multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer George Gretton, who just dropped with his debut single "Tread Water".  With a forward-thinking style, Gretton swiftly navigates his waters with no defined genre or a specific style, but one he calls "art-pop" and "alternative R&B." His new single, "Tread Water" shows the London-based artist laying down some captivating vocal work. 

"Tread Water" is the first we're hearing from Gretton and it's reminiscent of the likes James Blake vocal work, Bon Iver's simplicity, and strong organic chemistry between sounds and melodies.  Speaking on the motivation behind the debut, George shares, "Tread Water was written at a time where I didn’t really have a musical identity or lyrics to draw inspiration from. I had just started to teach myself basic production and I had become fascinated with vocal manipulation and using a contrast between organic and artificial sounds to tell different sides of the same situation. I suddenly found that writing with obscure instrumentation gave me a lot of creative freedom, and the lyrics and arrangement came together pretty quickly after that." With full creative exploration, Gretton is gearing up to release more new music. Give the debut a listen above. 

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