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Duffel Bag Hottie and Lik Moss know that true hustle comes with a "Heavy Cost" 

Underground emcee Duffel Bag Hottie set things in motion for his upcoming music series 'Max 3 Project' with the release of the first single titled "Heavy Cost". Teaming up with longtime collaborator Tricky Trippz, the two cook up a menacing soundscape for the gruff-voiced emcee to paint street tales with uncanny detail. Along for the ride is Lik Moss of OBH who equally deliver hard-hitting verses that break down his hustle mentality and the rules of the concrete jungle.

Duffel Bag Hottie is signed to Benny The Butcher's BSF Records label and the imprint has set its focus on Hottie as he preps for the release of his hard-hitting 'Max 3 Project' 

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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