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Junaco displays emotional candidness in "Willow"

Junaco release their new single "Willow," a deep and chilling track. The song features intense, eerie soundscapes and warm, soulful vocals atop bellowing guitars inspired by our emotions and how they are all encompassed through the environment we are in. "Willow" carries an additional message to except those feelings instead of trying to mask them.

Junaco consists of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. Jaffer found her counterpart in LaRosa, a guitarist and percussionist's dream who from a young age had been told that "musician" wasn't an achievable career. They bonded over a deep desire to make music for music's sake, creating honest, passionate songs that resonate with its listeners.

Produced by Omar Yakar (The War on Drugs, Perfume Genius), their latest EP was originally set out with the purpose of nothing but creation and expression and resulted in a stunning collection of tracks narrating the emotions of freedom. Jaffer reveals, "The underlying theme is about coming to terms with experiences and hardships we have faced and finally putting them out there. It's very healing".  

Reminding others of our natural human emotions, Junaco's debut EP highlights just how similar we are at our cores. It leaves listeners with an empowering sense of connection and truth like only Junaco can provide. .

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