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Bryce Byrd reaches a new peak with "Space Is A Quiet Place" [Video]

Florida native turned Los Angeles transplant Bryce Byrd is an illusive artist who doesn't just craft songs, but produces entire musical landscapes informed by drug induced, out of body experiences and a keen sense of self-awareness. The 23 year old producer & songwriter was set to release a debut EP earlier this year, but sadly lost a majority of the project due to his laptop and external hard-drives getting lifted in a car robbery at the end of 2018. The only track that remains intact from that project is now an exceptional stand-alone single entitled "Space Is A Quiet Place", which Bryce released last week with a dreamy visual directed by Lorenzo Daniels and the Alba Collective.

The video features Bryce floating around various LA backdrops while musing on what effects smoking DMT-laced blunts has on his mind-state. The surreal quality of the visual is the ideal compliment to the song's subject matter and ethereal instrumentation. Although slightly  Although presented with a major setback, Bryce's persistence on moving forward with his vision is proving to be a blessing for music fans in large.

Connect with Bryce Byrd: Twitter / Instagram

Connect with The Alba Collective: Instagram

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[…] rapper Bryce Byrd was last featured on EARMILK when he released the highly ethereal video for "Space Is A Quiet Place" back in March, and the excellent but brief Pre-COAT EP last […]