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Suns Up share indie summer anthem "Just Because"

Mixing sugary guitar hooks with summery pop jingles, Suns Up have perfected the indie summer anthem with "Just Because".

Uncovering their pop prowess, Suns Up are channeling impeccable indie melodies into their records. With jangly, animated guitar lines and flawless vocals, the track is an exciting release from the boys. Their previous record, "Love You Back" saw them garner fans across the globe and "Just Because" is about to get them a whole lot more.

Frontman Dave explains: "We had an idea which we kept coming back to at rehearsals. I had an opening line and a melody that I really liked, but the rest took time to get right. I'm not a very open person, but I find in my music that I am. This song turned out to be quite personal to me about someone close and I wanted the music to do justice to that."

This is well-produced, exuberant indie-pop. Top stuff.

Catch the band at The Lighthouse (Shoreditch) London on 20th March.

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