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"Hi, I'm Waiting" for you to listen to *repeat repeat's latest pop-rock single

*repeat repeat return with latest single "Hi, I'm Waiting" and it was worth the two-year wait. The band showcases a catchy bedroom rock tune that will have head banging and people dancing. The song channels a similar vibe to classic 2000's bands like Jimmy Eats World with a nostalgic sound. "Hi, I'm Waiting" is the perfect song for those looking for a throwback sound with still something new to offer. 

The music video for "Hi, I'm Waiting" carries over a throwback 2000's vibe, really diving into the bedroom rock aesthetic. It plays perfectly alongside the tracks crunchy guitar melody, an inviting sing-along style chorus, and it's charming indie-punk aesthetic. 

repeat repeat's new album Glazed comes out May 31st and plan to go on tour starting March 15 in Austin, Texas. 

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Alt-Pop · Alternative · Indie


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