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California indie-pop collective easy captures joy and serenity in “I Want To Marry You”

Art pop collective easy has just released their enchanting new single “I Want To Marry You”. The track possesses a relaxing, feel-good quality and expresses union and being at one with anything, even if only for a moment. The uplifting tune showcases stunning layered vocals, spirited ukulele and a delightful dreamy chorus a la the Beach Boys.

The group confides, “Music expresses so many states, and ideas, and feelings. Finding what resonates with yourself is a personal and subjective journey”.

Delivering the audience with melodic driven music, easy allows improvisation to guide his songwriting process and refers to composing as a kind of meditation. He’s a strong believer in kindness and collaboration and currently draws inspiration from the art compound he resides. His hope is that his music can join people together to support each other through love, connection, and mutual accountability.

Inspired by experimental opera and avant-garde musicians, easy’s music is based on a scientific ideology that believes melodies are created like protons and electrons, all patterned into existence through repetition and variation.  

Through studying at CalArts, easy discovered the true meaning of community and collaboration. He learned to inherit our history, to protest its injustices, to share it with our peers and to come together generating something new. “I Want To Marry You” is a prime example of just that. Check out this serenely blissful track out now.

To keep up-to-date with all things easy, give him a call or text on (+1) 323 459 2866.

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