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“Finally”, experience the laid back flair of Bobby Alu’s new single

Chill master Bobby Alu has released his latest sultry song “Finally”, the third teaser single from his forthcoming album.

Dubbing himself music’s “tropical ambassador”, Alu’s folk sound is a delightful array of feel good vibes. His latest track takes its cues from his Australian-Samoan roots. Channeling his Polynesian culture’s respect for elders, Alu explores the ageing process. His lyrics reflect the expanding mind as a physical body grows older. “I try to make a change / Squint my eyes to double check /  But all I wanna know / Is this the final steps?”

Musically, “Finally” sees Alu making his mark beyond the technical prowess that has been on display as Xavier Rudd’s longtime percussionist. Where previous albums served as a canvas for Alu’s body shaking rhythms, the new single hits a different beat. Featured instead, is a slinky bassline that leads his alluring vocals to a pared-back, soulful tone. As Alu describes, “The final version of this song is quite different to the usual Bobby Alu sound, and I’m pretty proud of that.” He adds, “Making this song was kind of like getting old – we were really not sure what was going to happen."

Alu’s fresh direction follows a similar path to last year’s super smooth pop single “Other Side”. Hitting his stride for both singles, Alu's forthcoming album release promises to be one to look out for.

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Chillout · Folk · Tropical


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