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Emily Jackson portrays light after darkness with "Higher"

Emily Jackson has just released her positive and inspiring new single entitled “Higher”. Featuring uplifting flute and rising drums, this motivational track builds up its listener, literally elevating you ‘higher’ with every note. Jackson showcases her stunning vocal ability, with a tone delicate and soft yet also fierce and passionate.

 “Higher was born during a pretty dark moment last spring.  I found myself in a stand-still with someone I was working with and felt like I had been totally taken advantage of.  Higher was created because I became basically hellbent on producing my own music so I wouldn't have to rely on someone else to produce my art and could avoid this situation.  Also, I wanted to prove to myself I could create something just as good if not better without this person”, Jackson explains. 

“The lyrics are me fleshing out my anger at the situation, and some of the hardships I feel being an independent female artist.  But what came out of that was, what I think is, a very positive, uplifting, and upbeat anthem.  The message being we all are worried of others taking advantage of us, not being heard or understood, but ultimately we all have the same goal.  To love and be loved and appreciated in return.  Higher speaks to that deep need.”

Taking a 10-year hiatus after creative differences with her team, she questioned her place in the music industry. They tried to mold her stylistically into something that wasn’t her and she was left feeling let down. There was a small voice inside Jackson’s head saying, “you should still be pursuing this” but out of fear, it was quickly shut down. It was during a Rihanna concert with her siblings that sparked an epiphany. After that, she started teaching herself about production and learning several instruments. She now understands the power of her gift and that music is the path she’s meant to take. 

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