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Bea Miller reminds us "it's not u it's me" in latest pop single

Bea Miller returns to the pop scene with her latest single "it's not u it's me" featuring 6LACK. The track offers a much more mature sound for the artist. With her pink hair and the surprising rap verse, she is nearly unrecognizable. But Miller has always been one for pushing boundaries (like her track "S.L.U.T.") and this latest single is another clear example.

Sat against a strong trap beat, the toned down background track lets Miller's voice really shine through. The background vocals feature something like an angelic choir with fuzz vocals on top. At about a minute in, when Miller lines up her vocals with the staccato of her background track, the effect leaves you clutching onto her every word. 

Another benefit to this reserved background track is the seamless transition between Miller's vocals and 6LACK's rap verse. Adding a rap verse to a song can risk it sounding out of place and choppy, but this is not an issue for Miller. The rap verse is not only expected, but welcomed with open arms. 

Be sure to catch Bea Miller's on her nice to meet u tour starting April 23.

Connect with Bea Miller: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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