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Amy Swift is leaving her past behind and "Moving" to the spotlight with debut single

It has been a while since a soulful singer with powerful vocals and a unique modern jazz production by the name of Amy has graced our airwaves. Come to fill the urban soul hole that Winehouse has left in our hearts, newcomer Amy Swift proves that she is up to the challenge. 

In her debut single "Moving," Swift unleashes her emotional vocals with a story of moving on from a difficult breakup, supported by drums and percussions from Placebo's Steve Hewitt. 

Hailing from South East London, this isn't Amy Swift's first time writing and performing her songs. Swift spent most of her musical career writing for other artists, and even fronting the British soul/electronic band Pacific State, thus she is no stranger to the microphone. But it became time to step away from the background and tell her own story, as she shares that "this is all me, raw and unapologetic." 

With dramatic percussion and a slow, soulful build-up to the chorus, "Moving" sounds like the next contender for a James Bond film. And let's face it, that is not an easy sound to achieve. But the combination of Swift's personal writing and controlled vocals make this a song that you will listen to over and over again, finding new favourite parts every time you hit play. 

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