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Lostboycrow embraces nostalgia in "27 (Sad Signs)"

Lostboycrow is cool. Like cooler than cool. And his latest single "27 (Sad Signs)" is no different.

Capturing emotions and blending them with a soulful style of writing, Lostboycrow creates hypnotic R&B rhythms which draw you in until the very end, yearning for more. "27 (Sad Signs)" is an unexpected tale of nostalgia and looking back at a past life. Lostboycrow says: "'27 (Sad Signs)' is a memoriam constructed from distant sounds and faces half-remembered with a smile as I top my hat to the lives I've lived within my own."

Featuring brooding vocals with a contagious R&B beat and guitar twangs, this is one of Lostboycrow's most artistic tracks to date. Almost crossing the pop boundary, the track elegantly blurs the lines of defining genres, making this one of the most exciting tracks of the year so far. I can't wait to hear what else Lostboycrow has in store for us throughout the year.

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