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Lauren Ruth Ward shares introspective slow burner "Pullstring"

The beloved songstress of Los Angeles, Lauren Ruth Ward, returns with a surprising new single "Pullstring." While the track was heard live for the first time last year, the final studio product marries the raw tone originally heard by Ward with a comforting and more polished tuning. Easily heard as a ballad lost between the times of her first self-titled EP to her praised Well, Hell full-length, the introspective frame of mind which Ward therapeutically displays is a silent demand to understand how you judge others by looking at yourself.

An immediate philosophy is displayed on the track's opening lines -- "Put me in a box on a shelf, send me to hell, might as well" -- in regards to labeling and prosecuting. Throughout the track, Ward nods at the perception of her being a puppet and how quick love will dissipate within time. Opening with only the warm yet dark tones of an acoustic, gently played by cowriter Eduardo Rivera, the foundation is very minimal, directing all focus on Ward's full verses. 

The melancholic tempo swings from the arms of Americana to Ward's natural, '70s rock finesse for a rich production. Thematically, the track revisits the imagery of Ward's pull-string being tugged by others, asking, "What do you want me to do? / Should I yell?" Flourishing with her crisp rasp, Ward clearly makes her point of how people's reality will dictate their perception of others, noting "no matter how thought out or good my intentions are, someone (most people) will see what they want to see and judge me based off their own experiences." 

Controlled at all times, Ward's powerhouse vocals are thick with emotion and doesn't cry with rage, yet is still as compelling. Swooned with an assortment of angelic background vocals and a weightless soundscape, the track's realization is a beautiful statement from the artist. Ward is currently supporting LP on her 'Heart to Mouth Tour' and will be conducting a chance for a fan to interview the band today via Instagram.

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