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Omar Apollo delivers the blues on his newest single "Ashamed" [Video]

As a follow-up to the single "Trouble", singer-songwriter Omar Apollo has released his second single in the style of a funky new number titled "Ashamed", which he produced alongside Blake Slatkin.

Since dropping out of college, Ap0llo has been a rising talent. He released his brilliant debut EP, Stereo, last year. With a soul and electric blues style identified and established in Stereo, this single is not too far fetched for the young singer-songwriter's abilities.

Apollo's pocket of music is not the easiest to classify as he has already created R&B, alternative rock, soul, blues, and bedroom pop moments in his early, but dynamic discography. With this track, we're getting very strong bass slapping reminiscent of Bootsy Collins and wailing guitar riff throughout the verses. Apollo sort of playfully sings and raps the verses like an emulation or derivation of Prince.

The Mexican-American artist has announced to release another EP in 2019. Starting March 9th, Omar Apollo will hit the road for two months on The Voyager Tour. 

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