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Kim Gray tackles his existential dread in bedroom-pop gem "Eugene Vampire" [Video]

Vancouver's Kim Gray is a bedroom-pop artist for the Internet Generation. His latest single "Eugene Vampire" is a hazy look into the minds of those raised in the computer age. It's a contemplative tune full of fuzzy tones, slithering vocal melodies and a spacey chorus. The accompanying music video is a perfect watch while enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

Stuttering in over shots of a delicious-looking espresso percolator, Gray's buzzing track feels cozy and warm. Vintage-sounding synths and slinky guitars jangle back and forth ominously yet the track's chilled out vibe reflects a blithe disregard for the world around him. Like most of us raised in the digital age, there's a heightened sense of existential dread. We're opened up to the entire world yet constantly left wondering what it all means, quietly proceeding with life as if nothing's wrong. 

We caught up with lead singer Trevor Gray to hear more on his struggle with this conundrum and how he threaded the needle with "Eugene Vampire":

"‘Eugene Vampire’ is about existential dread and questioning the things we choose to do every day... Beneath the bitter sentiments, I feel like it’s a hopeful song. It’s a kind of luxury to be able to contemplate things like meaningful work and how to spend the next pay cheque. It’s pretty easy to forget that. Today I’m breathing and my dog didn’t pee on the carpet – things are okay." - Trevor Gray

Gray offers some comfort and wisdom and maybe that's why the track is still able to lend itself to such an easy-going vibe. At the end of the day, it's all going to be okay. Sure, things out there may seem scary and we may be bombarded with information that causes increased levels of anxiety, but we'll make it through.

"Eugene Vampire" is the first single from Kim Gray's forthcoming full-length Plastic Material due out later this year on Buzz Records. If you're on the West Coast, be sure to keep an eye out for Kim Gray on their upcoming tour:

Tour dates:
07/05 - Vancouver, BC, Static Jupiter
07/09 - Seattle, WA, Vera
07/10 - Spokane, WA, The Conservatory
07/11 - Portland, OR, Turn, Turn, Turn
07/15 - Fresno, CA, Strummers
07/17 - Santa Cruz, CA, SubRosa
+ more TBA

Connect with Kim Gray: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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