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Dabin gifts us "Rings & Roses" in vibrant new dance single featuring Conor Byrne [Premiere]

After a wildly successful collaboration with bass heavyweights Seven Lions and Slander, and appearances on ILLENIUM’s Awake 2.0 tour, Dabin has a lot to reflect on in 2018. Since his debut in 2012, the Montreal-based producer has been delivering genre-defying sound with his rapturous trademark guitar melodies. Today, EARMILK has the privilege of premiering his latest release, "Rings & Roses ft. Conor Byrne," the second single coming off his sophomore album Wild Youth. 

Characterized by soft, alluring melodies, "Rings & Roses" manipulates colorful electric guitar stylings with Byrne's refreshing vocals. Laden with invigorating chords, lush synths, and ambient bassline, the nostalgic track is drenched in Dabin's ethereal take on production. Atop the airy soundscape is the lyrics overlaid with a rich tapestry of raw emotions. The record is an honest reflection on love and the quest of self, having listeners lost in the sonic cosmic while pulls at their heartstrings. 

In talking about the release, Dabin notes that the record is inspired by the classic nursery rhyme "Ring Around The Rosie." He further shares with EARMILK exclusively,

"I was on SoundCloud one day and was checking my inbox and I saw that Conor Byrne, a vocalist who I had never heard of before, sent me a vocal hook. I instantly fell in love with the idea of “rings and roses” and wrote an entire song around the hook. It resonated so much with the themes I was hoping to explore in my album. We hear a lot of songs about love but we don’t hear too much about the struggle of being with someone who is succeeding in their own personal/career goals and how relationships can fall apart as a result. It’s a sad reality but it’s something we can’t really stay mad at them for because after all, we’re all just trying to make something of ourselves."

The complete Wild Youth LP will be dropped on March 22. With a couple of already sold-out stops on his upcoming album tour, Dabin is on his way to solidifying 2019 as his most accomplished year. 

Buy tickets to the Wild Youth tour here.

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