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REL's vibrant vocal abilities shine in back-to-back new singles

Los Angeles native R E L has released two new singles “Masquerade” and “Back To The River”.

The first single “Back To The River” features a blend of electronic sounds, but with a classic piano riff. The track details a longing to go back to something you’ve lost touch with. It focuses on coming to terms with the highs and lows of growing up or apart.

Her second single “Masquerade” is filled with striking electronic soundscapes and energetic sampled beats and showcases the singer’s powerful vocal skill. The song is a narration of the “masks” people put on in order to seem cool or gain status. 

“'Masquerade' is about checking in with yourself - remembering who you are and where you've been so you don't ‘get stuck in this masquerade’”, REL reveals.

The 23-year-old best describes her music as EVOCA-POP, the kind of music that provokes thought and evokes deeper feelings through a complete sensory experience. She strived to develop her own genre because she believes life shouldn’t be placed into boxes but rather flying freely through colorful streams and boundless winds.

She describes, “I grew up in the suburbs, where we tried so hard to fit the molds. We hurt ourselves, hated ourselves, f*cked ourselves over. I did it for a long time. It hurt...and it doesn't just exist in suburbs. We do it everywhere. Music is medicine. It’s powerful. Love heals, melody carries, lyrics speak the heart.” 

R E L has garnered success with her uniquely distinctive style reaching over 2 million Spotify streams and over a million YouTube views. She’s headlined prominent venues across Los Angeles including The Peppermint Club, MFG’s School Night and Echo Park Rising.  Check out “Masquerade” and “Back To The River” a part of Side A of her visual album, EVOCAPOP.

Connect with R E L : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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