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Fourtee releases first single "Freeze"

Newly Los Angeles-based rapper Fourtee just released his first single "Freeze," but this is far from his first try at making music. The New Jersey native started writing music at age 11 and was recording by 17.

Fourtee worked as a chauffeur driving around stars like DJ Khaled, Nipsey Hussle, Casanova, and many others, and is now ready to come into his own as an artist. "Freeze" is an exceptionally great first song; it shows immense potential with Fourtee's hard-hitting bars that match the uptempo instrumental. It's aggressive and leaves no question about his rapping skills or confidence on a track. His voice isn't overly crip, but still he bears a more poignant delivery. His energetic style makes his first release an exciting one. The new rapper is already working on his debut album Confetti. If "Freeze" is any indication, Confetti is sure to be packed with bars that could hold their own against some of hip-hop's biggest names. As his first release, "Freeze" is already sitting at 30,000+ Spotify streams in three days, check it out up above. 


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