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The Palms tease us with summer vibes in "Warning Sign"

The Los-Angeles based alt psych-pop band The Palms enriches us with their West Coast Psychedelia once more in their newest single "Warning Sign". This is the second track to be released off their upcoming EP, Televised Daydream, and it proves once again that The Palms' desire to make music that is the perfect soundtrack to a summer night in L.A is justifiably on-point. 

The band members Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard are no strangers to the restrictions of the music industry, especially when having to conform to a record label's demands. Their need to make music without barriers or inhibitions eventually outgrew their first band, Terraplane Sun's success. And so The Palms was born. 

Releasing their first EP in 2015, The Palms quickly established their easy-listening West Coast alt-pop sound. With Rothbard's distinct vocals and quirky, fun beats, you don't have to be in L.A to feel like you're driving through palm tree streets. 

The Palms decided to bring in some variety to their production, inviting producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Kurt Vile, Eliot Smith, etc) to work on their new EP. And the result is not disappointing. "Warning Sign" tells a story of uniting under a common cause and letting the "breeze in" instead of dwelling on our differences and mistakes. It's this style of implanting meaningful messages behind their songs that personifies The Palms the most. On their official website, they quote Nina Simone: "How can you be an artist and not reflect the times", solidifying their cause to always make an impact with their music. 

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