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Digital Farm Animals teams up with Danny Ocean in heartfelt "Lookin' For" [Premiere]

The mood is set the moment the first few notes wash over you: it's altogether calm and funky, sincere, and brimming with emotion. This is the feeling carried throughout Digital Farm Animals' newest single, "Lookin' For" featuring Danny Ocean - premiering today with EARMILK. Digital Farm Animals is the English DJ responsible for songwriting and producing a slew of hits for the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Bebe Rexha, Galantis, and more. Daniel Morales, known as Danny Ocean, is a Miami-based Venezuelan singer-songwriter and producer who has made a name for himself as an independent musician on the Latin charts. Together, the pair have created a heartfelt song and visual, laying out the simple thing that so many spend their lives searching for: love.

The video opens with a classic scene of budding affection, as DFA's Pigman (signature pink pig helmet and all) and his love interest show their adoration for each other and bask in the fact that despite the odds, they've found the love that many only hope to find. As the the beat undulates like waves in the ocean, so does the story, flowing softly and steadily as DFA gifts a mixtape to his love (Volume 1) — the purest expression of care that a musician can give.

As the music video (directed by DJ Turner) goes on, DFA collaborates with Ocean on a song that brings the pink-headed lad success. He buys a lavish house that he shares with his partner and throws parties. But as he holds more bashes, spends more late nights at the studio, and becomes more distracted, his girlfriend takes a backseat to his fame and seems to feel ignored. She leaves him and writes him a note, which he reads and mulls over as the parties and glitz start to rust all around him. Finally remembering what truly matters, he returns to his love's house with flowers, asking for another chance as he offers her another mixtape: Volume 2. "If you're lookin' for love/Baby I could help you/I could be the one to," croons Ocean in the chorus.

"'Lookin’ For’ is a result of experimenting with a blend of sounds and I think this captures something really unique, sitting in-between Urban, Latin, and Electronic," said DFA of the song. "Danny Ocean is an artist I’ve been following for a while now and is the real deal. We spent a lot of time in the studio and he takes the song to the next level. As a fan of so much current Latin music, it’s great to have him bring that feel to the song.”

"Lookin' For" marks the debut of the artist's forthcoming 2019 project, the details of which are still unknown. The single follows a number of Digital Farm Animals remixes, including one of "Empty Space" by James Arthur. Other notable singles include last year's "Say My Name" featuring IMAN and 2017's "Digital Love" featuring Hailee Steinfeld. The producer is credited with many pop hits, such as Dua Lipa’s breakthrough single “Be the One,” Galantis’ “No Money,” and Louis Tomlinson’s “Back to You” featuring Bebe Rexha. 

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