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Bad Suns give us "One Magic Moment" in explosive new alt-rock single

Bad Suns pack a punch in their latest single "One Magic Moment." The song boasts soaring guitar strums and powerful drums making this an indicator that the band has come forward with this newfound confidence that could almost make this a ballad. "One Magic Moment" adds a strong piano accompaniment that brings something new to the traditional Bad Suns alternative rock sound. Hit play below and get blown away: 

What really sells the song is Christo Bowmans explosive vocals. He is not one for holding back and "One Magic Moment" is a prime example of that. His voice soars over top of the already powerful instrumental accompaniment, especially in the post-chorus portion of the song. With Ray Libby's unapologetic guitar riff battling alongside Bowman's angelic vocals, this latest track creates both a catchy and encapsulating sound that washes over you like a crashing wave of high-energy alt-rock.

Bad Suns are well on their way to becoming an influential force in the alternative genre. Their album "Mystic Truth" comes out March 22nd. Bad Suns also go on tour February 26th starting off in Sacramento, California. 

Connect with Bad Suns: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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