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Wallows admits they are okay being "Scrawny"

Wallows returns to their guitar based roots on their new single "Scrawny," which is destined to be a hit. The song is about finding your own confidence in a crowd that seems much cooler than you. This seems like a good summary of how Wallows must feel now as they enter the alternative scene. "Scrawny" is just about appreciating the things about yourself that others may not like. 

"Scrawny" sounds like something The Strokes could have easily written. With a strong guitar lead Wallows effortlessly switches between a bouncy verse into a smooth bridge. Frontman Dylan Minnette's vocals really start to shine through in this single as well. In previous songs he had stuck to a lower key but with this single he fearlessly attacks a higher octave which works to great effect. However, "Scrawny" will still sound familiar to longtime Wallows fans who have been with the band since their lo-fi indie rock phase. This song oozes with confidence as Wallows starts to develop their truly unique indie sound. 

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio Minnette said: "When we were making the record 'Nothing Happens', there was a lot of introspective moments on the album and that's cool to us and everything, but we were like, 'We need something light, something that is borderline funny, just a moment on the album to make people smile.' So this is just sort of naturally came out."

Wallows currently has their debut album Nothing Happens scheduled for a March 22nd release and plan to tour the album starting April 13th at Coachella. 

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