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Molina delivers absorbing artistic feat with "Venus"

The Copenhagen singer and producer Molina is back with a new single and accompanying video entitled “Venus.” As a combined product, the song and video make for a wholly unique experience, with Molina using a live band to enhance her signature synth work as well as collaborating with the French visual artist Diane Guais for the video.

“Venus” has a sort of vintage feel, with heavy reverb in the production and old footage in the video, and yet Molina blends the various elements to forge an original and progressive sound. There is an undercurrent of female empowerment throughout, with multiple allusions to childbearing and pregnancy in the lyrics and visuals, as well as the song title’s reference to Roman mythology, where Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. In the track’s sweeping hooks, Molina repeatedly sings in her celestial delivery, “Venus is open / she’s yelling out loud,” which almost feels like a rallying cry, especially with the infusion of energy from the live drums, bass, and guitar. Molina has a totally original sonic and visual aesthetic and “Venus” shows that she is ready to take her artistry to the next level.

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