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Tierra Whack doesn't blame you for being an "Only Child"

Tierra Whack wonderfully innovative Whack World project was released last year in the form of 15 separate 1-minute songs with visuals that won over fans instantly. What makes her work so unique is her ability to package ADHD-infused creativity into something so easily digestible. She approaches the death of a beloved pet the same way she talks about her favourite chicken wings. Despite remaining in the spotlight since Whack World (with her Grammy nomination and touring with 6lack), "Only Child" is Tierra's first single since the release of the critically-acclaimed project. 

Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, "Only Child" is Tierra's longest song to date. Even with the added length, the product doesn't suffer in any way. Her innocent child-like delivery is on full display towards the back half of the track, right after hitting listeners with the line "used to arch my back for you and now I'm your arch-nemesis". The lyrics are playfully ridiculing the selfish nature of some and likening these characteristics to kids who were raised without siblings. The vibrant production only further accentuates the animated delivery Tierra uses to create this space. I swear, sometimes it almost feels like she samples colours of the rainbow or crayons to create these sounds.

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