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Nathy Peluso paves her own way in hip-hop on "NATIKILLAH" [Video]

If ROSALÍA is Spain's most boundary-breaking international musical export in recent memory, her friend Nathy Peluso is making her way to be the same for her home country of Argentina. Her latest, "NATIKILLAH," is both the perfect introduction to the 24-year old's empowering ethos and her own affirmation of the brand of style and sound she's been building. 

"NATIKILLAH" is Peluso's first single of 2019 following her 2018 EP La Sanduguera, and takes a thought provoking stance in its style. Peluso is known for an almost stream of conscious flow between world-influenced vocals, propelled by salsa beats, jazz, bossa nova, R&B and a gritty rap style that's been compared to 90's Argentine street rapper Hurricane G. "NATIKILLAH" brings something new to that equation, launching into hype, radi0-friendly production. But when the track hits its first verse, she brings awareness to that sellable style with an amazing contrast. 

Quiero que me bese la piel un buen mozo

Yo tengo miel, no quiero esposo

Tampoco quiero un carro lujoso

Quiero alegría, papá


I want you to kiss my skin like a good boy

I have honey, I do not want a husband

I do not want a luxurious car either

I want happiness, daddy

The subject matter of "NATIKILLAH" is self-reflective too, asking questions that we hear more and more from the women of hip-hop, and artists like Cardi B address frequently in English.While Peluso makes it clear she's not from the street, she has an "it" factor in her irreverence for the status quo that brings a notable credibility to her music.

Connect with Nathy Peluso: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

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