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DalePlay turns obstacles into inspiration as a new producer on the rise [Q&A]

Award-winning Miami based producer and DJ, DalePlay has become a well-known name in the pop, EDM and Latin world. Collaborating with major artists such as and Becky G, he’s influenced by a myriad of musical styles, pushing boundaries and showing off his Latin roots through his productions. DalePlay moved from Venezuela to America as a teen, overcoming the hurdles that many immigrants face in such a life-changing event. Suffering from a stroke at the age of 18, he was unable to do the simplest of tasks such as walk, speak or eat. DalePlay’s tenacity and fervour helped propel him to recovery and he soon immersed himself in the art of music production. The now famed producer hopes to inspire others with his music, revealing “Let there be no fear for the young kids from the Latin corners of this world”. We chatted with him on his overcoming of the odds as he continues on his quest in his music career.


Where does the name DalePlay originate from?

I saw the word 'Dale' on a brand as “Dale-something” but I like how Dale sounded. Later, I was hanging out with some friends and one of them said the word “play” as in “play something cool” and I thought that would be a good name too so I put them together as “DalePlay” as name that I could work with. 

Explain your sound in 5 words. 

Refreshing, pressure, cabrón, tactful, paralelepípedo.

I understand at the age of 18 you had to overcome some very debilitating obstacles, but by the age of 20 you won your first BMI Latin award. It’s very inspiring to see how you’ve pushed past those hardships. What advice would you give others dealing with their own struggles?

I would say, look for that one thing that inspires you to overcome your situation. That’s what made me try to get better after I got sick and it made me want to be honest with myself. I knew that I had to get better to be able to make it as a producer and to make it in the music industry that really pushed me. At the same time, I know that with music and making the music that I want to make, I can help inspire others as it inspired me.

 Growing up as an immigrant from Venezuela and moving to Miami at 13 years old, what was that transition like and how has it influenced your musical career?

Honestly, it’s a lot of emotions at once, both good and bad ones. I guess, in some way, even the bad emotions played a role for getting me into music. Because it was that feeling of hopelessness that made me look for hope in anything and everything, but it just happened that music was the one that gave me hope.

 What inspired you to become a DJ and what first attracted you to producing pop and EDM music?

Daft Punk and Afrojack inspired me A LOT!! When I heard “Maldito Alcohol” from Pitbull and Afrojack for the first time, that’s when I thought to myself, I NEED TO DO THIS!! The music and the beats really inspired me to make music that would ultimately have the same effect on others who hear my song too. 

Or who knows? Maybe it was because Pit was talking about alcohol, jajaja, just kidding.

You’ve worked with some pretty influential artist such as MØ and Becky G to name a few. How was your experience collaborating with such heavy hitters? 

It was absolutely amazing. They are both very picky but I actually really love that. Being picky means that the song at the end is going to be incredible and we’re always going to get a final product that’s nothing short of perfection. I also learn a lot when artists do that because they push me musically too to explore new sounds, new beats and different ways of making music.

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