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Maybird's "Don't Keep Me Around" is a kaleidoscopic treat of cosmic proportions

Maybird looks like a modern-day Cream in this swinging 60's jangle-pop tune, "Don't Keep Me Around." These New Yorkers have a knack for far-out compositions and dreamy cosmic vibes that harken back to the days when British Invasion bands just started experimenting with new-fangled, mind-enhancing substances. This is the first taste of the band's upcoming full-length, due out later this Spring.

On "Don't Keep Me Around," Maybird launches us into a kaleidoscopic dreamworld as we see an old school tape machine warbling into this mystical netherworld of liquid light shows, Afghan rugs, and a mysterious female dancer. The band sings and immediately the lyrics are translated into a variety of multiple tongues that prove the band's music is truly universal. Swaying to and fro, the band encapsulates the quintessential trip but hitting us with spacey synth lines and McCartney-style bass grooves.

Lead singer Josh Netsky's vocals croon with subtle despair, feeling rejected or spurned.

If you're gonna count me out

If you had any shred of doubt

Don't keep me around

This feels reminiscent of old school counterculture anthems. Whether about the current socio-political climate or simply a failed love affair, they expressed the feelings of a lost generation caught in a world they were struggling to understand. Somehow that mindset feels incredibly relevant to today's world and what makes Maybird so masterful is their ability to weave together heady overarching themes into a fun-loving, carefree psych-pop gem. 

Stay tuned for Maybird's next full-length Things I Remember from Earth out May 3rd on 30th Century Records.

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