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Saltwater Sun delve into personal territory on blistering lead single 'Blood'

Reading’s power quintet, Saltwater Sun, share their latest single “Blood” and examine a personal ache than previously heard. Taken from their forthcoming EP, The Great Deceiver due this April, the U.K. ensemble sees the pages of grief with time, transmuting towards a hopeful state of peace. Painted with a signature addicting soundscape, “Blood” runs thick with indie-rock and pop towards cathartic jubilation.

“Since the death of my father, I’ve come to know joy as sorrow-tinged throughout each altering epoch and mundane happiness in my life,” states frontwoman Jen Stearnes. “With age, I mourn less for my loss and more for his, and so endeavor to carry his memory so that he might live on through me. It’s deeply personal, yet completely universal; ‘Blood’ is about finding solace in the idea that we might transcend death through lineage."

From the trail which Stearnes croons from, the track’s disposition is a flurry of emotions that range from grief and numbness to relief. “Blood” dimly opens and straddles bright guitar layers and melodies that circulate the existence of the track, somewhat juxtaposing the track's mental state. Swimming through the battle of this pain, Stearnes’ rhapsodic vocals tap into bandmates’ aggressive guitar riffs and Ben Chandler’s heavy drum strokes.

Construing the raw grit of garage rock for the track’s soundscape, the polished chorus allows for a deeper feel of the track’s intent. The reflective penned stance beams past a somber memory through power chords, until finalizing a promising release on the line, “this is how you never really die.”

Sharing a promising start of 2019, Saltwater Sun's momentum will be seen supporting Jimmy Eat World and The Amazons on tour, as well as an assortment of festival slots including Live At Leeds and Liverpool Sound City.

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