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Chandler Juliet pulls listeners in with new single "gravitational"

Chandler Juliet is back with new single “gravitational”, the third of her upcoming EP elements, due out March 22nd. “gravitational” illuminates the Los Angeles born and based artist's knack for piecing together a track. With both distinct instrumental features and an upbeat pop vibe that draws listeners in, the entire EP is bound to be truly earth-shaking. 

“gravitational” is the ‘earth’ portion of the elements EP. Each song represents the natural elements: fire, water, earth and air.  As a former student at California State University, Chandler is adding another element of singularity to this project. Using her experience from the university's Film Department, each of the four songs off elements will have a visual accompaniment. "gravitational" follows the already released "burning sage" and "tidal wave". Don't wait on the next element of this project, keep an eye out March 22nd. 

Connect with Chandler Juliet: Facebook | Website | Spotify

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