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Tim Baker's "Dance" is the slow-dance we've always wanted

Tim Baker, former frontman for Hey Rosetta!, returns with a brand new single “Dance.” Much unlike his former bands large string ensembles and rock instrumentation, “Dance” is a much more reserved sound that will still sound familiar to Hey Rosetta fans. Baker’s crisp vocals ring out clear over a gentle piano for most of the song. His voice begins to merge with an electric guitar, where their melodies intertwine and then proceed to drift off in a two-person dance. Each person starting off on the same step but gradually drifting apart from the other.

"Dance" is a song about wanting to dance and move and connect with someone, but it comes from a place of stillness and disconnect” Baker said in a statement. “So it’s also about mental health, and living and aging in a time when technology increasingly makes watchers out of doers.”

The release of ‘Dance’ is to promote Baker’s new album Forever Overhead that comes out April 19, 2019. In addition to the new album, he will be touring across Canada this spring.  

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