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Immerse yourself with Whipped Creams new single “You Wanted It”

Since the release of her Persistence EP,  Caroline Cecile has been making increasing noise in the underground scene with her genre-transcendent style. From being transparent with her emotions to absolutely destroying her audience with cinematic soundscapes and hard hitting bass, Whipped Cream continues to carve out her own unique path in the music industry today. As she resumes to showcase her music to the world as a symbol of her past experiences her listeners are able to relate to. Released on Mad Decent, "You Wanted It" exemplifies her approach to being open with her thoughts as she states the single "is about the memory of someone who is toxic still lingering in my mind." Initially it was a song she wrote for herself, but not anymore as this dark and mystical track indicates that is indefinitely still "Cream Szn." Cecil includes her own ethereal vocals, followed by a discharge of bass to destroy all evil thoughts in sight. Whether you wanted it or not, be prepared to take on a wild journey with Whipped Cream as her uplifting energy continues to fuel us even through the darkest of days.

Get a little taste of Whipped Cream at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas TX on February 16th. 

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