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Lovers Touch teleports us back in time in "I Need It" music video

Complete with spiked hair, tight leather pants, and kaleidoscope bandannas, Lovers Touch teleports viewers back to the 1980s with their music video for single “I Need It”. If you’re looking for that classic sound from the trademarked decade of synth keyboards and eclectic fashion, your search ends here. The Toronto-based band bops back and forth while jamming on electric guitars and working that dramatic zoom-in cinematography. 

Formed in high school, Lovers Touch has since brought their energetic performances all across Canada. The music video is a prelude to the band’s EP How Does It Make You Feel due to drop later this year. In terms of inspiration, the band formed the video as a parody on Van Halen’s “Jump” video.  They decided  it would be fitting to go "all in and play up the ridiculous hair metal theme”. Unafraid to be spunky and animated, Lovers Touch is the ode to the 70's and 80's that is essential to any playlist.

Connect with Lovers Touch online: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Photo credit: Daniela Pagliarello

Electro Pop · Pop · Synth Pop


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