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Crow reclaims her self-expression in “Go”

Argentinian-American electro pop artist Crow has released her highly anticipated single “Go.” The track showcases dark pulsating melodic soundscapes and strong soulful vocals that really dig deep. With lyrics like, “I’d rather have you living than dying for me,” her message is one of strength and self-empowerment. The song conveys the act of letting something go that no longer serves you, putting trust in an uncertain future.

Writing “Go” at only sixteen years old, it was originally a response to her old managers. They pushed her to create the kind of music they saw fit, despite her efforts to explain her vision. As a result she became like a machine, producing products with a lack of any substance. Fed up with consistently being ignored, Crow and one of the producers, Alek Fin, were determined to create a new track true to her initial concept. From there “Go” was born. Going against her family’s advice, she left her managers and production deal, regaining power as an artist. 

Crow, a victim of "career bullying", was also picked on throughout her childhood and adolescence, but turned to her music as a positive outlet. Building a personal sense of self-acceptance, she learned to love herself in ways others couldn’t. She crafts songs that strike a chord with listeners using a new found love and compassion. With an abundance of new music in 2019, Crow is making a name for herself with memorable songs you’re sure to get stuck in your head.

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