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sobhhï is back with "facts up (الحين)"

The Dubai-born, California-based, future R&B act Sobhhï drops "facts up (الحين)"— his first new single for 2019. The sultry track displays the artist's bilingual lyrical ability switching between English and Arabic over an atmospheric backdrop. His production style, which he calls TrapSoul Nocturnal, has a deep focus on the underlying sensual and moody. Confidently crafted, he doesn't hold back his nocturnal cravings, intimately professing his desires directly to the one he wants, making the song profoundly intimate. The production is decidedly stripped back and allows sobhhï’s vocals to shine through. His matter-of-fact lyrics such as "bought you that Fendi, just so I could ruin it" provide a first-person interaction. 

“facts up (الحين)” is a single from BLACK I—a followup to the RED projects: RED I and RED II  which came out last year. Get it here  

Connect with sobhhïSoundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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