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Drinker drops that minimal pop in "Something I Want" [Video]

Experimental psych pop band Drinker is the project of songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer Ariel Loh. Together they seek to grab your attention with their new track and video "Something I Want." The third track from Drinker's forthcoming album, "Something I Want" continues with the darker, textured, and haunting style from preceding singles "Follow" and "Fragment II."

In the form of chilled out beats, synths, and detached vocals, "Something I Want" is meant to represent this idea of multiple generations of addiction in consumerism. Drinker speaks of the track, "As the messaging from corporate influencers in society gets more and more invasive, the chokehold on who we are gets tighter and our sense of what we want becomes blurred." Using quiet tones and distinct rhythms, Drinker achieves that brainwashed quality.

The video, directed by Tyler Byrnes, also ties in this theme of addiction and consumerism. In flashing disjointed images and using stop-motion animation, the video for "Something I Want" gives the perfect imagery. Look for "Something I Want" on Drinker's forthcoming LP Fragments, set to release via B3SCI Records on May 3rd.

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