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Shlohmo releases awesome new single "The End" from his new forthcoming album

Unapologetically himself. Experimental producer Shlohmo a.k.a Henry Laufer reminds us why he's top of his game in off-kilter electronic music with new single "The End."

Yes, "The End" is a thunderous magnum opus. Namely because, Shlohmo draws inspiration from a quirky fascination with cults (who view the end of days as an occasion to relish). As a result on "The End" we hear the sound of impending doom in its reckoning. Above all "The End" sees the LA producer delve deep into his vast skill set, with more feverish and wonky instrumentation than ever before. And, all of this as he ponders a forthcoming apocalypse calmly on a sofa with a cigarette. Suitably weird, and mind-glowingly good "The End" is an instrumental that you won't forget. Reliably zany, we love Shlohmo's new single. Meanwhile Shlohmo's new record The End is being teased with serious traction. The album is out via Friends of Friends Music / WeDidIt on March 22nd 2019.

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Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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