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Arlo Parks debuts reflective and poetic "Super Sad Generation"

She's becoming one of our favourite new acts after the brilliant "Cola." Now South Londoner Arlo Parks is back on Beatnik with another poetic indie number "Super Sad Generation."

Soft rock, and thoughtful vocals. It's incredibly refreshing to hear a lot of time spent on the words of songs. It's here that Arlo Parks excels wonderfully. Perhaps, in fact, what makes her songs so relatable and lovely, is her ability to turn the everyday into poetry and art. Moreover, she treads a difficult line in music easily as this makes her music accessible, but still hauntingly beautiful. In "Super Sad Generation" the music is soothingly calm. It exudes this quality where you have to lie down on your bed, spacing out on the ceiling and just soaking in and killing time. It's an amazing ballad of reflection, and a window into her life.

As a result there's such a strong visual connection with her songwriting. Particularly there feels like there's a strong Lost in Translation vibe, but soundtracking the lives of Generation Z instead. Anyway, we gather there's more news and music coming soon, and we're extremely eager to hear..

Connect with Arlo Parks: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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