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Mastiv makes himself known with powerhouse debut release 'Unknown'

The world consists of many languages but only few transcend it to become universally understood. Aside from food, music is one of the few that traverses the global landscape of knowledge and fulfilment—an indispensable tool for community building and culture sharing. Hailing from Scotland but now based in South Korea, producer Sean Smith of Mastiv, has crossed the global dance stage with his unrelenting techno beats. Now, the producer has finally released his debut album Unknown via Davotab.

Unknown is the culmination of Smith's ideas, genres and influences gathered over the last ten years, neatly packaged into an 8-track album. "I enjoy making EPs and singles but since they are only one or two tracks long, I feel that I have never had a decent chance to express myself fully in a release," Smith shares. "I've always enjoyed making and playing all kinds of house music, especially techno, minimal and tech-house, and in this album you will be able to hear me touching on all these genres. I purposely never listened to other tracks during the recording of this album and just wrote down what I felt in my heart and my mind. I feel that's what music should be about."

Opening track "Outrageous" sets the tone for the album, hard-hitting beats meticulously making their mark alongside the sharp percussions. In "Tremor", Smith loops in infectious vocal samples to match the rambunctious acidic energy emanating through the unyielding bassline. Similarly, "Joe Bloggs" follows the preceding track with an ominous aura, heavily focusing on a groovy drum pattern to build up excitement. The producer's production prowess shines through in "Mamma Mia", as he masterfully weaves in crooning vocals with expert fluidity, imbuing a sleek exoticism to the catchy track.

"Relativity" ups the ante with an even harder-hitting bass line before slowing down the album with "Shine"—an experimental, minimal wonder that builds up to one laced with drum'n'bass influences. Following, "Wee Chunky" and "Vinson" wrap up the album with robust sound design utilizing infectious low-ends amidst the towering sub-bass to exhibit a brazen sound, one that Smith has effortlessly cultivated to become his sonic signature.

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Minimal · Tech House · Techno


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