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Cruise into oblivion with Elder Island's latest single "Kape Fear"

It’s officially no longer shocking that another awesome band came together in Bristol. Seriously, something is in the water. There’s no other way to explain it. The latest export from this wonderful British city? Elder Island’s “Kape Fear.”

Acting as the latest single off of their soon to release album The Omnitone Collection, “Kape Fear” is a hauntingly beautiful track. The song starts with lead singer Katy Sargent and a simple backing piano, brought to life by David Havarn. Everything is quiet, letting Katy’s voice draw you into the fray. However, after 40 seconds or so, Luke Thornton brings in the percussions to snap you back to reality. From this point on, Katy and Luke work in tandem, with David giving a little bit of color here and there. Luke sets up the frame while Katy navigates her way around, but overall, it’s nothing insane. However, this all changes halfway through the song when Dave breaks it down with a groovy little synth solo. After his solo, it’s all over, and the three work off of each other’s energy, letting the track build and groove into oblivion.

Due out February 8th, The Omnitone Collection is a can’t miss project for 2019. With a tour supporting Glass Animals already under their belt, this Bristol band is certain to succeed.

Connect with Elder Island: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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