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Kuri releases atmospheric new video for "Human Nature"

Kuri has just released the visuals for his single entitled “Human Nature," a stunningly detailed video with breathtaking imagery.  The soft, evocative vocals and gentle acoustic guitars pair perfectly with the song’s heartfelt, poignant lyricism. Kuri has gone through a great deal in his life and the lyrics are a true reflection of just that. A breakup, a close friend moving away, and six people he saw every day disappearing from his life, are the many things he profoundly contemplates.

The video features a couple that appears to have it all, sharing in acts of love in an exquisite scenic surrounding. Look deeper though and you’ll find a woman distant and detached and a man just looking to fill the void of his loneliness.

Kuri, born and raised as Scott Currie, grew up in British Columbia in a small Mennonite community. Being raised in such a strict religious environment incited a sense of questioning everything to figure out why we do what we do.

Playing in a string of high school bands, he founded Oh Village and generated strong buzz, even competing in “B.C.’s best teen band” competition. After the band split up, he began working on his solo project -- and Kuri was born. Known for his arsenal of instruments, including piano, drums, congas, strings, horns and more, he’s created a uniquely expansive signature sound. “Every instrument has its own language,” he explains, “I try to hone the language of each one. It helps articulate the overall goal.”

The illuminating soundtrack-worthy single "Human Nature" flourishes with its deep, melancholy sound a la Sigur Rós and Thom Yorke. Kuri’s hope is to inspire listeners with his highly emotive tracks. “I want to be candid and hopefully encourage others to do the same. I hope they feel something.”

Connect with Kuri: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website 

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