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Jerry Williams pens open letter to "David at the Bar" [Premiere]

Jerry Williams made her mark on 2019 early, by releasing an infectious tune called "David at the Bar." Today, EARMILK has the pleasure of exclusively premiering Williams' delightful music video for the track. 

Filmed in the actual pub where Williams met the elusive David (the Marmion in Portsmouth), the video begins with a young man, sitting alone at the bar. As Williams approaches the man, they spark up an engaging conversation. Although fleeting, it clearly meant much to her. Speaking on the experience, Williams recalls that David asked her to write a song about him. "He promised me that if I wrote a song about him, he’d give up drink and sort his life out," she says. "I kept that promise. We were so different but had a bizarre connection and he was so lovely and friendly. He inspired me. Even though David was sad, he had a brightness behind his eyes and I wanted to show this through when he’s dancing in his own world at the end." 

It was important for Williams that her audience not see David simply as a person with an addiction. "He was cool, kind, honest but lost and unsure of what was next in his life. I could just see that he was decent and I really enjoyed talking to him. I’m sure a lot of people have met someone like David and I wanted to make the song positive. He’s gonna be alright in the end," she says. The final image of the video are words written on a napkin: where is David? Wherever he is, I hope he hears this song and sees this video.

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