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1000volts and Dion Timmer sqaure off in "Dab It"

Today on least likely musical pairings: Redman and Dion Timmer. Yes, the 48-year-old rapper from Newark best known for his work with Method Man and the Dutch teen dubstep producer have joined forces, by way of Redman's 1000volts project with Jayceeoh. The result? A song so amazingly hilarious this article starting writing itself before I had even finished my first listen: "Dab It."

The track, out now via Zeds Dead's Deadbeats imprint and featuring Kid Capri, opens with Redman asking how many of us dabbing in this mf-er, and the hilarity ensues from there. The production is tight and zippy, lending necessary validity to the somewhat absurd lyrical content ("look at my weed, look at your weed - it's garbage"). A meaty low end and some distorted vocal samples are nice bookends to Redman's flashy flow.   

Apparently 1000Volts has been active since 2016 and I completely missed the boat on this one. Maybe it's a good thing, considering their top-rated track on Spotify is the aptly titled collaboration with Datsik - "Monster." Oof. I prefer 1000Volts' offerings on Deadbeats, like 2018's heater "Kill Em" with Zeds Dead which even spawned a full remix album. Honestly, Redman enjoying moderate success as a dubstep artist and it flying completely under my radar is the only proof of the simulation I need. Dab. 

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