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WOLVES look to a better future in "Should to Shoulder" [Video]

An elevating pop song of love and acceptance, WOLVES have released their latest single entitled 'Shoulder to Shoulder'. A flashback to the past, its triumphant sound features booming bass and soaring synths.  Thematically, 'Shoulder to Shoulder'  is about the timeless message of fighting for equality. The song discusses the idea of strength in numbers when you stand together for a cause, the band sing, “The dreams of our mothers are safe and sound, we’re shoulder to shoulder and won’t back down.”  'Shoulder to Shoulder' is an empowering anthem for a new generation to stand against injustice and fight for equal rights for all of humanity.

Known for breaking barriers and pushing boundaries with their unique blend of genres, WOLVES combine pop sensibilities with a bold rock ‘n’ roll sound and raw urban beats. The band took their name from the wild canine animal. Just like the wolf, the band are bonded by the innate sense of the pack. Moving as one unit for a common goal, the three members of the band are united for the common good of the group and embody that philosophy in their music.

WOLVES have managed to craft a diverse range of sounds that are appealing to pop radio. The band is featured on Sirius XM Hits 1 and the trio hopes to inspire listeners across the globe with their music. A nod to the past, but with a focus on the future, WOLVES continue to produce memorable music with a motivating message.

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