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Lauren Jauregui sets the bar high on "More Than That"

Lauren Jauregui's first lead single as a solo artist following the announcement of girl group Fifth Harmony's indefinite hiatus, "Expectations," was a declaration of her ability to stand on her own as both a singer and a songwriter. Her consistently strong vocals throughout the track was sure to silence any critics who expected the singer to recede into the darkness, and her songwriting showed promise for her first solo project. Throughout her time in Fifth Harmony it was always clear that Jauregui has a large personality, and talent that demands your undivided attention. While we saw the more somber side of that personality on "Expectations," it almost felt as though something was missing. The singer's latest single "More Than That" is packed to the rim with attitude, including ample bark to match her bite, in a way that the previous single wasn't. 

"If I gave you a taste of what I do, just remember that I don't belong to you," Jauregui warns in the track's pre-chorus, with confidence bursting at the seams of her voice. Produced by Murda Beatz and Charlie Handsome, "More Than That" is mystifying in production with sophisticated moments of glitz scattered throughout. The track places Jauregui in a scene where the power is in her hands as she challenges a prospective love interest to rise to the standards of her partner if they think they have a chance of slipping her away from them. She makes it clear that both the bar and the stakes are set high, so this won't be an easy feat. The singer's tone is sassy throughout the song and doesn't feel as though it's being forced in a try hard manner. She isn't putting on an front, this is just the lively side of Jauregui's attitude we've been waiting for, and one we hope to see more of on her forthcoming debut solo album. 

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