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박혜진 park hye jin delivers unique project 'IF YOU WANT IT'

Recently, Korea has been blowing up with house and techno music. Of course, Peggy Gou has been around, but other Korean artists such as 박혜진 park hye jin are paving their way with stunning house projects to give us the fix we deserve. 

Her latest EP IF YOU WANT IT, combines English and Korean rap over a house and techno build, employing "Yaeji-esque" characteristics. 박혜진 park hye jin's unique style blends elements of dream-state house and psychedelic dark wave. The tracks contain layered synths which create the Lo-Fi sound that is so prominent in the EP. The development of the synths, looped techno accompaniment, and speech-sung vocals creates a contrasting and extraordinary texture.

A stand out track in the project, "I DON'T CARE," hit the number two position on Hype Machine's Popular Chart last week, giving the project some much deserved attention. Being one of the largest songs in the project, the track contains eclectic musical elements that are added as the song progresses. Nearing six minutes long, the build-up of the work delivers a techno beat and rhythmic rap using layered vocals. 

Another prominent track in the project, and one of my personal favorites, is "ABC." Exploring a more melodic tone, the work features a rich piano motif with building elements coated over it. This blend creates a melancholic downtempo electronica sound that is defining of the project's flavorful sound as a whole. 

Connect with 박혜진 park hye jin: Soundcloud | Instagram | Bandcamp

Chillwave · Electronica · Lo-Fi


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