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Marlene Oak searches for love on "Come Home"

She may not be there yet, but don’t be surprised if Marlene Oak’s name skyrockets into the global music consciousness before long. The Stockholm-based singer-songwriter has a distinctive, timeless voice that grabs hold of the listener's attention with every note. Her latest single “Come Home,” from the upcoming EP Silver Moon, is a dreamy track that explores the complexities of love and the search for “the one.”

A slow rock ballad about finding love may not sound like the most original musical experience, but Oak makes it her own with a resonant yet tasteful production aesthetic, catchy songwriting, and most significantly, her powerful vocal delivery. There is beauty in the song’s simplicity as Oak ruminates on one of life’s most elemental pursuits. In talking about the song, she writes, “It can be frustrating and sometimes painful to wait for that person. But once you’ve found each other, it’ll feel like coming home.” The song also deals with potential pitfalls of a failed romance, but Oak never loses her optimism, saying, “I believe things always end up the way they’re supposed to. Love is patient.” And although us listeners will have to wait until February 15 for her EP, Marlene Oaks gives us an enjoyable track to tide us over.

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Folk · Folk Rock · Rock


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