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Get familiar with the oldest rappers alive with Pete & Bas's "Burning" [Video]

I am not quite sure when I first came across the duo of Pete & Bas but most likely have been from a random Facebook post and didn't think much of it. However, it dawned on me when I heard their newest banger that they have been doing this rap thing for a South London minute now. Billed as the oldest rappers alive rocking the mic, Pete & Bas exude the youthful exuberance of the culture but also stick to their guns and talk about life as grandparents. I must say, it's quite fascinating watching their documentary( below the post) and getting to see them in their element.

Their newest record titled "Burning" is a dark, trap jam that showcases the duo's tandem style and thick South London accent plus rugged demeanor. They talk about burning money in their own unique fashion and deliver a pretty catchy hook to bring the notion sailing home. The visual takes the premise further and visualizes the duo as retired enforcers, who fancy a pint and a game of pool while waiting to collect their earnings.

Their tough guy demeanor is reminiscent of the legendary Mitchell Brothers (from the Eastenders) in some ways and you will surely get a kick from it all. Get more information in the documentary below.

Connect with Pete & Bas: Twitter | Instagram

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